10 Green Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without An Air Conditioner

Green Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without An Air Conditioner

10 Green Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without An Air Conditioner

For those of you that don’t have an air conditioner or who just want to cut your bill costs, here are some great tips to keep your home and yourself cool during those hot days.

1. Keep your windows, doors, curtains and blinds shut before your house warms up. Exterior blinds and shutters help keep heat out of your home as well.

2. When it cools off in the evenings open your windows and doors to take advantage of the cooler air and any evening breeze. Place a fan by the window to help pull the cooler air into your home.

3. Invest is some awnings for the outside of your home, this will prevent the sun from entering your home and reduce heat drastically.

4. Keep your lights, appliances, computers and TVs off during the day they will heat up your house. Save any baking or cooking for the evening or very early morning. Use a BBQ or serve cold meals.

5. Install an attic fan to cool the house by ventilating the attic and pushing hot air out, you can even buy solar attic fans here to be ‘green’ and cut the long term costs even more. This will help keep your house a lot cool and there may even be some tax credits available for you.

6. Try placing a bowl of ice cubes behind a fan for a cooler air flow.

7. Plant shade trees or vines on the south and west sides of your home, they will keep your house much cooler in the summer.

8. Install ceiling fans to circulate the air, they are much less expensive then installing and/or running an conditioner.

9. Seal up and fix any cracks and leaks around window and door frames that let in air.

10. Place a tinted film on your windows to reduce the sun entering through windows and heating up your home.

Hopefully this list will help you with how to keep your house cool without air conditioning.