10 Survival Uses For Duct Tape

10 Survival Uses For Duct Tape

10 Survival Uses For Duct Tape

1. Making A Split
If you find yourself or others with a serious injury you can use duct tape to support and hold a split. You can also wrap it around bandages to seal them.

2. Waterproofing
If you wrap enough duct tape around an object such as clothing or a wallet it will become waterproof and add some insulation as well.

3. Seal Or Protect Windows
You can seal windows by placing duct tape around the window or make an x shape across the window with your duct tape to protect a window.

4. Repairs
Of course duct tape can be used for many repairs such as attaching a broken off piece or adding two ropes together. Use it to fix a broken fishing pole.

5. Sealing Holes And Rips
Use duct tape to seal up that tent hole or water bottle crack, and use it to hold together ripped material.

6. Creating Object
Try twisting a bunch of duct tape together to create a string, you can even use it as a belt or make a bowl for collecting water.

7. Make A sling
You can make a ling out of duct tape to support a sprain or injured arm/shoulder.

8. Resealing Packages
Duct tape is great for re-sealing anything closed.

9. Mark A Trail
Don’t want to get lost? Use duct tape to mark your path.

10. Clothesline
Your duct tape string creation can also be used as a clothesline.