17 Unexpected Uses For Epsom Salt

17 Unexpected Uses For Epsom Salt

17 Unexpected Uses For Epsom Salt

Here is a great list of the many uses for epsom salts. It includes detox, bath and garden uses and much more, some you may be surprised to learn them.

1. Magnesium: The number one reason we use epsom salts in our baths at our house is to raise magnesium levels in our bodies. Magnesium in sulfate form is the quickest and the easiest way for the body to absorb magnesium. Use 1 cup in your bath, for children use 1/3 of a cup. Your children will be calmer and it may help with Autism or behavior issues.

2. Sore Muscles and Aches: Epsom salts help to relieve and relax sore muscles and aches.

3. Laxative: Epsom salts helps to relieve constipation when taken orally, but only take in very small amounts or you will be sorry! I suggest 1/2 teaspoon mixed into liquid. Some may find that just having a bath with 1 cup of epsom salts may be enough and not need to start drinking it.

4. Better Sleep: Soaking in an epsom salt bath before bedtime will help promote a good sleep. Again, 1 cup for adults and 1/3 cup for kids. These baths have helped my kids greatly at night time.

5. Splinter Removal: after soaking in an epsom salt bath you will find it much easier to remove any slivers or splinters, plus it will help deter infection.

6. Insect bites: Try mixing just enough water with epsom salt to create a scrubby paste. Place it on and around the bite area to relief the itch and some swelling.

7. Sunburns: Again epsom salt will help to reduce pain, swelling and itchy dry areas. Perfect affter a day out int he sun.

8. Exfoliation: Epsom salt is a great exfoliate for your skin. Mix with equal parts of coconut oil and apply to dry areas, itchy ares or eczema areas.

9. Acne: For problem skin areas follow steps in number 8. and notice a great improvement in helping to heal your acne!

10. Fabric Softener: We have started to use epsom slats as a fabric softener in our wash cycle due to allergies in my family. It works great! We use 1/2 cup in the fabric softener compartment in our washing machine.

11. Athletes Foot: Epsom salt works great to prevent and treat athletes foot. Try 1 cup in your bath daily or for an extra boost soak your feet in a bowl of warm water with 1 cup of salt.

12. Anxiety: There is no better way to relax after a long day then to take an epsom salt bath. The magnesium helps to promote a good mood and relax those nerves.

13. Foot Odor: Or any body odor. Soaking in an epsom salt bath will also help to reduce any odors.

14. Treat Oily Hair: add 1 tablespoon to your shampoo for each use to help dry up oily areas on your scalp and hair.

15. Detox: Epsom salts help to remove toxins from the body and its sulfate form helps even more. Use it every day in a bath to help your body detox!

16. Gardens: The magnesium in epsom salts help plants to grow, add a few tablespoons to each watering of plants.

17: Slugs and Snails: Another great use for espsom salt is to sprinkle some around your slug and snail problem areas in and around plants and gardens. We tried this last year as we were infested with snails and it worked great. The salt deters them and your plants will be protected.

As you can see Epsom Salt is something you definitely want to have hanging around you home for quick use and the best part is, it is all natural.