17 Ways To Use Alcohol In A Survival Situation

17 Ways To Use Alcohol In A Survival Situation

17 Ways To Use Alcohol in A Survival Situation

1. Fire starter

Soak some cotton balls in rubbing alcohol. This will make a great fire starter which will burn long enough to get even the most stubborn fire going. After soaking, put them in an old film canister or in a baby food jar. Place it on dry twigs and start the fire. You can also use a cloth soaked in alcohol. Alternatively, spray some of the twigs with it. Ensure your hair or garments are not too close to the action since flames tend to appear very rapidly.

2. Antiseptic for wounds

Bacterial infections can develop quickly and ruin your chances of survival. That’s why you’re supposed to clean a new cut. You can use alcohol (e.g. vodka). Use the pressure cleaning method- squeezing the alcohol onto the wound, using a bottle with a hole. It tends to get more germs out than simply pouring the alcohol on the wound. It will sting, but that’s better than getting infected.

3. Sterilize needles, tweezers and other instruments

Soak the instrument in alcohol for about 10 minutes before starting to drain a blister or pick at something stuck in your skin. Alternatively, you can hold the tool tip under a lighter for some seconds and wipe away any char with the alcohol.

4. Relieve poison ivy

Clean the rash area using rubbing alcohol and then wash it with water. You can then bathe the area using warm water and soap.

5. Kill odors

Alcohol displaces moisture. Bacteria need moisture to thrive- that’s why it grows best under your arms and between your toes.

6. Refresh clothing

It’s recommended to use vodka for this, since it’s odorless and clear. Spray it on your sleeping area and clothes to kill bacteria and thus get rid of foul odors.

7. Stop the itch of bug bites

Applying some alcohol to a bug bite will provide quick relief, just like with poison ivy.

8. Bug repellent and killer

Prevention is better than cure. A mixture of alcohol and olive oil is a natural repellent to mosquitoes and other insects. You can rub it on your skin.

9. Surface cleanser

In case you need to work on a clean surface (to handle food, medical equipment, etc.), spraying the surface with alcohol and wiping it down will disinfect it.

10. Anesthetic for tooth pain

You can swish a little alcohol around an aching tooth. It will act as a painkiller and disinfectant. However, this is only a short-term fix.

11. Lamp fuel

Adding small amounts of alcohol to a lamp will fuel it for quite some time. This will provide heat and give you a place to cook.

12. Stove fuel

Regular liquor won’t work for this. Go for ethanol, denatured alcohol, or 100-proof vodka.

13. Clear congestion and sinuses

Steam from a warm alcoholic drink will dilate the blood vessels in your nose and clear out the mucus. It will also soothe your sore throat.

14. Gun cleaner

You need to take care of your firearms for them to be effective. You can use alcohol to clean them.

15. Mouthwash

Swoosh some alcohol around in your mouth for about 30 seconds. Oral hygiene will be key to survival, especially since there will be very few dentists around.

16. Rust prevention

Wipe the blades of your tools (e.g. knives) now and then with an alcohol-moistened cloth to prevent rust.

17. Muscle relaxer

Sipping some whiskey or scotch with a little bit of water will help you relax and reduce anxiety.