Plants That Repel Bugs, Including Mosquitoes

Plants That Repel Bugs Including Mosquitoes

Plants That Repel Bugs, Including Mosquitoes
There is nothing worse than walking out into your backyard or garden to relax and having pesky bugs, especially mosquitoes, biting you.

Some of us would use harmful chemicals on us to keep the insects away, but you actually don’t need to do this.
If you want to keep the bugs at bay, you only need to plant the right plants around your home and in your garden!

Here are a few of our favorite bug repelling plants and a few reasons why you should consider adding them to your garden and in pots around your yard where you like to sit.

You’ve probably heard the word Citronella before, but you may not have realized it is actually a plant!
Citronella is commonly found in bug repellents and even some candles because of it’s strong aroma and corresponding ability to repel insects.
The plant is incredibly easy to grow and can be placed in a potted plant or in your garden, per your choice.

Lemongrass Or Lemon-balm
These plants posses a powerful scent that keeps mosquitoes and bugs away from your garden.
Growing very tall, lemongrass or Lemon-balm is ideal for lining the garden or even your fence to repel mosquitoes and they will smell fabulous.

Bugs hate mint.
They do not like it’s scent or its taste, and if you place it among or near some of your favorite flowers it will prevent them from being eaten by pesky insects.

Basil is ideal if you have are plagued with flies and want an easy way to keep them away.
A simple pot with basil placed on your front porch or outdoor living area can work wonders to keep flies at bay, and its also a fresh tasty herb you can use in your cooking. Bonus!

This one may surprise you.
Lavender is naturally calming and smells wonderful, but it also has the ability to keep insects away from you and your home.
You can easily plant it inside near a sunny window or outside in your garden.
Repel bugs including mosquitoes from your backyard and your home with this beautiful plant!