Top 5 Bug Out Vehicles

Top 5 Bug Out Vehicles

Top 5 Bug Out Vehicles

What do you look for in a bug out vehicle? There are plenty of options out there, and each claim to give you the best chances of survival. Some are great 4X4 trucks and others look like they’ve been ripped right out the Mad Max movie set. Which is the ideal bug out vehicle?

There are various factors to consider. First is the travel radius it can offer. Which vehicle goes the farthest with the least need of maintenance? Secondly, what kinds of terrain can it navigate on? It’s not that you want to drive up the Rockies, but you want a ride that had top on- and off-road performance. In addition, how much supplies can it carry? Can it carry enough supplies and survival tools? How much will it cost you? Finally, can it provide shelter? Can it shelter you from the weather elements even if you’re out of gas? Can you sleep in it? With all these factors in play, here are the top 5 bug out vehicles.

1. Knight X5 from Conquest Vehicles

If you can comfortably chunk out a cool $630,000, then this is the beast for you. First, it’s intimidating enough that no attacker will bother bugging you, and it looks so cool that you will impress your entire state. But survival isn’t about aesthetics. This 13000lb machine can mow through most vehicles on your way, so you don’t have to be worried about traffic blocks. It has run-flat tires and its armor can stop anything being shot at you. It’s got enough roof area for supplies for an extended tri. Even its windows are specially-tinted.

2. Oshkosh Tactical Protector Vehicle

This bad boy’s armor can stop up to 14.5 mm armor piercing rounds. It’s got the power and the body to ride out any terrain. In addition, it comes with side gun ports. It even has a top gun turret where you can mount your machine gun. That’s right- you can blast your way through any blockade. It also has a nuclear, biological and chemical protection system to protect you from environmental hazards like radiation. It goes for around $200,000.

3. Earth Roamer XV-LT

It’s expensive ($225k – $500k) but popular. Why? You can take it for recreational camping and travel trailer touring. It’s basically the hybrid child of a modified truck bed camper the Ford Super Duty F-550. It has a 10000lb towing capacity, twin turbo diesel engine, solar power with large battery backup pack and can carry 85 gallons of fresh water. It even has a dual-water filtration system. It comes with a 90 gallon optional fuel tank, heavy duty off-road tires, and much more.

4. Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

It’s versatile. It can be your everyday vehicle and your ultimate bug out vehicle. On a full tank of gas, it can take you far. Its 4-wheel drive and aggressive tires can handle most rough terrain. It’s got a roof rack, increasing your carrying capacity, and can carry your entire family. However, in order to handle extreme terrain, you’ll need to tweak it up a bit.

5. Jeep Wrangler

You can go anywhere- at least any place that an ATV can. It doesn’t have much carrying capacity, but it makes up for that with its terrain-flexibility. In fact, its off-road capability is unrivaled by any vehicle on this list. You’ll need to bring along a tent. It also has numerous after-market parts- from under armor protection to snorkels for crossing deep waters.

When you pick out your bug out vehicle, there are number of items you should carry. These include: extra fuel containers, siphon pump, tow straps, CB radio, jump starter, and a power inverter to charge your electronics while on the go. Ensure that you service your bug out car regularly.