Top 7 Firearms for Preppers

Top 7 Firearms for Preppers

Top 7 Firearms for Preppers

How prepared are you for emergencies? Someone may be planning to break into your home at midnight, and make away with your valuables. An earthquake can have split your county from civilisation, and you all have to fend for yourselves for some weeks before help arrives. And then there are the hurricanes. There could be an economic recession that results in martial law being institutionalized. How do you picture that doomsday scenario? It can be anything from nuclear terrorism to an asteroid strike. And if you’re to believe the movies, an all-out zombie apocalypse can happen.

Some of these threats are at hand, others are more unlikely to occur, but they have one thing in common- you and your family will be in danger. Society breaks down. Humanity’s primal survival instinct kicks in. Thieves will break into your home in the middle of the day. Your best friend will not allow you to stand between food and his starving child. How do you protect yourself and your loved ones? Here are the top 7 firearms for preppers.

1. Shotguns

If you only have one choice- go for the shotgun. Why? Its ammunition is relatively cheap; you can use it to defend yourself or to hunt; and the gun itself is cheaper than the other options; and you don’t have to jump a lot of legal hurdles to get it. The best part is that you don’t have to be a Deadshot to use it. In case you have poor aim, you still have high chances of making some real damage. The Mossberg 500 Shotgun in 12 or 20 Gauge is one of the most economical and versatile shotguns you can buy. However, getting used to the recoil will take some practice.

2. Semi-Automatic Rifle

People also call them assault rifles. It’s basically a rifle that automatically chambers another round each time you pull the trigger. The 2 popular options are the AR-15 and the AK-47. The AR-15 is popular because of its accuracy, reliability, and almost unlimited levels of customization. This is due to its modular design and two-piece receiver. It’s capable of firing both 5.56x44mm and .223 calibre rounds. They are usually delivered from a 30-round magazine. You can go for the original Armalite version or the upgraded Colt AR-15. For survival purposes, the DPMS Sportical is highly recommended. It’s light, has an adjustable stock, and it can be modified with a wide range of accessories. The AK-47 is a legend it its own right. You can go through a hurricane, a sandstorm, you can even throw it off a cliff and it will still perform impeccably. You can use it in any form of terrain and combat scenario. Its ammunition is both cheap and widely available.

3. Marlin 1985 GS

It’s compact, it’s got the stopping power, and it can take down any type of game in any kind of weather. This means that whether you’re facing a mob or a marauding bear, you will have no problem mowing them down. And it comes in at just 37″ and 7lbs. It doesn’t hurt that it looks good too.

4. Long Range Rifle

This is for when your target is over 300 yards away. A shot gun and the AR-15 won’t do you much good. Go for the .308 or .30-.06. They pack quite the punch over the long distance. Since the .308 is a current NATO round, there is a lot of surplus ammo available. Of course, you’ll have to get good at aiming to use the long range rifle.

5. Ruger 10/22

This is one of the most popular and reliable .22 rifles in the world. It’s got many available upgrades, and after-market accessories such as scopes and extended magazines. As a prepper, you should have a .22 in your cache. The .22-caliber rimfire ammunition doesn’t deliver any kickback or recoil, and it can hit a target that’s 100-yards away with deadly precision and ease. The 22L ammo is cheap and abundant, which makes the .22 rifle great to train with.

6. Handgun

Get at least one. Go for the revolver- it’s less likely to jam when compared to the semi-auto pistols. It’s safe for you to use, comfortable to carry, and can take down your attacker with the first shot. However, you’ll need some practice to get your aim right. There are many options to choose from, but the popular choice is the .357 magnum with the four inch barrel. You won’t need to buy spare magazines.

7. Henry Arms AR-7

It was designed for the pilots in the military who get shot down in enemy territory. It’s been designed for survival. It’s compact, light, and can take down attackers and game reliably and accurately. The Henry Arms AR-7 is the more modern survival form of the Springfield Armory M6 Scout. It’s just 3.5lbs, and when broken down, it can easily fit in your bug out bag or vehicle. You can even hide it in your jacket.

The core of survival is defence. When things get rough, you’ll need to be ready. Get a firearm and protect yourself and your family.